Focused 40

This service provides forty minutes of massage with a specific concentration based on preference or concerns ($45)

Relax and enjoy a pampering massage session with a focus on your hands, feet, neck, and scalp

Address regional concerns such as lower back pain, neck pain, chronic tightness, or frequent headaches

Get massage to prep for, or recover after, sports or physical activity – or to alleviate pain or stiffness

Signature 70

A full seventy minutes of therapeutic care customized according to your needs and wishes for your session ($75)

Unwind with a full-body massage designed to promote comfort, calm, and ease

Find relief for tight muscles or chronic pain conditions with methodical movement and deeper pressure

Enjoy a highly personalized session, featuring a variety of techniques, to attend to your needs

Extensive 100

Expand your experience to one-hundred minutes and receive comprehensive therapeutic care or just bliss out ($105)

Refresh your body, mind, and spirit and enhance your total well-being with an in-depth session

Escape from stresses and hit the pause button on your busy life for time that’s all about you

Receive focused care to specific areas with time for thorough full-body attention at the same time